People Coming Together and Pitching in to Make a Difference














Our volunteers and staff take some of the most incredible pics that we're happy to be able to share and show not only community involvement but the people we serve. 


We pursue a constant effort to break down common myths and educate the community on the realities of homelessness and keeping people up to date.


Helping to prevent homelessness or helping individuals and families out of it starts with making them aware of what resources are available and how to navigate them.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to help individuals and families who are in need and homeless to regain their humanity by providing programs that provide both short and long term solutions. 

This is shown on every level of what we do whether it's the way we treat people, the quality of the food we feed, the hygiene packs we hand out, our clothing store, or any of our other various programs.

Second, we wanted to inspire people to realize that they too can make an impact and create a habit of volunteering. That one person can change the world, and that no matter how limited your resources everyone can make a difference if they want to badly enough!


To work with public and private organizations to bring about an end to chronic homelessness within the US.


What started in 2010 with five guys in a kitchen with the simple concept of coming together pitching in and serving those in need has quickly grown to hundreds of people volunteering across the country and a life long passion.



Looking for an incredible way to give back to the community, want to help those in need but not sure how, or are you wanting to get your kids involved but can't find one?

Impact Locally is a Denver based nonprofit serving 5,000+ homeless men, women and children in need every month. We host volunteer opportunities multiple times a week for individuals, groups and companies. Check out our calendar to find out what's coming up next. As always thank you so much because we couldn't do it without you!


Every month we try to highlight one amazing volunteer who goes above and beyond to help the people we serve. We couldn't do it without you and so we love showing off how amazing you are!!


We have volunteer opportunities throughout the month. Below are all of our programs, please select which ever program you'd like to learn more about. Thank you for your interest in them and we hope to see you at an event in the near future.





For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: (720) 629 -2619 or fill out the following form

Volunteer Center

2526 Welton St

Denver, CO 80205

Humanity Clothing store

2637 Welton St

Denver, CO 80205



Events and Volunteer Opportunities


To apply for a job or internship with Impact Locally, please send a cover letter together with your resume to: