Homelessness is an incredibly complex problem with multiple causes and multiple solutions. It is something no one company will solve on it's own and it's something that no one company can provide all of the solutions necessary. We realized that by getting organizations communicating, cooperating, sharing information, donations, and helping each other to succeed that we're able to not only one day work towards ending chronic homelessness permanently but also creating immediate solutions to help those suffering right now. 

With that said in 2015 we created the 501c3 Network. A network of dozens of organizations all involved with helping those battling homelessness or helping to battle the causes of homelessness. So while an organization that helps women dealing with domestic violence may not directly be helping someone who's homeless domestic violence is the number 1 cause of why women become homeless. While a church may not solely be focused on helping the homeless if they have an outreach or soup kitchen then they're serving the homeless community. 

We believe that by organizations that help with mental and physical disabilities, housing, addiction, job training and placement, veterans benefits, background issues, and many many more coming together are the only way to truly provide a long term solution. If you're interested in learning more or becoming one of our partner organization please contact us.