One of the most common feelings for someone who's homeless is the feeling of frustration. That feeling of gaining hope and thinking you're finally going to get help and get off of the streets only to be let down. Many nonprofits offer resource lists that are outdated or employee staff that is unfamiliar with the specific requirements of the organizations they're referring. For someone who already doesn't have much spending money and time to get to an organization with the hope of getting help only to find out that you don't qualify or that they don't help someone in your specific situation can be devastating and cause you to lose hope. This is the reason Impact Locally created our guidance counselling program Curbside. We believe in

meeting people where they're at, so three days a week we have counsellors in multiple locations around the city on the streets helping people to navigate the many resources that are available from various organizations. We design a 6-8 week program with weekly goals and support to help someone get off of the streets permanently. 

For most trying to get out of homelessness can be overwhelming, by breaking it down into small weekly goals not only does the individual gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment but also see progress. Homelessness is not a problem any one 

organization can solve on their own but by educating individuals and families, helping to navigate existing resources and giving them support throughout the process we've been incredibly successful and help hundreds of people every year get off of the streets for good. So if you know someone who's homeless, or have a family member or friend in danger of becoming homeless 1st educate yourself 2nd use our resource list and 3rd please reach out to us. Getting out of homelessness is something that no one should have to do feeling like they're by themselves. 

Any other questions please feel free to contact us by completing the form below and we're happy to help. Thank you so much for your interest in our programs and for joining us. 

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