Over the years as Impact Locally has grown we have never forgot where we came from. Simply put Impact is about people coming together pitching in to help those in need. While initially that started off with five friends it's grown to not only include hundreds of volunteers every month but also local businesses who have partnered with Impact to give back. 

Seeing the potential for us to create lasting relationships with businesses and sponsors a Day of Impact was born. This is a program centered around companies desire to want to get more out of giving back by involving their employees in volunteering opportunities and working with nonprofits that are able to build and customize team building events. 

It's been proven that these type of events help with facilitating better communication, motivating employees, promoting creativity, helping with problem solving skills and breaking down barriers all while being able 

Team building activities have been shown to increase productivity and motivation

Give back to the community in a way that helps those in need

Gain exposure by working with a trusted organization that has a large local following

to give back to those in need. Impact Locally helps your company to create tailored volunteer events where you company is able to give back but at the same time see a return on your investment. We want to help you to better your company and the community at the same time.  

Additional to all of the benefits of these types events you'll also gain exposure through our website and various forms of social media and receive pictures taken by our staff photographer to allow you to use for your own marketing. Contact us today and let us help you create an event for your employees. 




Here are just a few of the businesses organizations and schools that we've worked with in the past.

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