First off we want to say thank you for all of your support and for considering Impact as a place to donate. Here are a couple of Do's and Don't with regards to clothing donations.


1. What kind of clothing do we accept - Most men's and women's gently used clothing in good condition. We're always in need of jeans, athletic shoes, socks, and belts. Unfortunately at this time until we expand the store we do not accept children's clothing but are happy to recommend some great organizations that do.

2. Keep in mind that there is about a 9/1 ratio of men to women when it comes to the homeless communities living on the streets. While we will always take women's clothing we desperately need any men's clothing you can donate. If you can talk to your husbands, brothers, fathers, friends, neighbors and co-workers about donating.

3. As we get into the winter months here in Colorado a few of the hardest items to come by are thermal underwear (bottoms) backpacks, gloves, beanies, sleeping bags, and blankets. Please consider donating these items or purchasing them at sales. If you want feel free to contact us for discounted websites.

4. A good rule of thumb is would you wear the items you're donating out and about during the day or to an interview. So please make sure the clothing is clean, no stains, tears, rips holes or broken zippers. 


1. DO NOT dump donations or leave them outside. THIS IS ILLEGAL! Not only do the donations get damaged by the weather, but can be blown around the neighborhood by wind and damage our relationship with other home and business owners.

2. Please no used underwear or socks, these items have to be donated new.

3. Please no furniture, house hold items or appliances. Again we are small store with very limited space.

4. No lingerie, robes, used underwear or club wear.

5. Please sort into separate bags by Men's, and Women's. Don't worry about any further sorting our staff and volunteers will take care of it.

6. Please make sure to separate any hygiene donations that you might be doing at the same time. Almost always that shampoo bottle you put in with the clothes to donate will come open and get all over the clothes

7. Please NO BOXES, please put donations in bags as bags can be reused, take up less space, and are easier to load and transport.

8. Please NO HANGERS unless they're suit hangers.

Again we are incredibly thankful for your support and donations. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a drop off or pick up.


Before you donate a lot of people have the same questions and we want to help you answer those so you feel as comfortable and educated as possible.

Unfortunately at this time our Humanity Store is closed temporarily due to recent break ins. We were broken into multiple times this year and had to permanently close our location on Welton but do plan to reopen at another location. To learn more go

So keep in mind that you're donating to someone living on the streets or in shelters. 

Clothing - While we'll always accept both men, and women's clothing we're always more in need of men's shoes, belts, clothing, jeans, new socks and underwear.


Gear - Sleeping bags, backpacks, gloves, beanies and blankets. These few items are rarely donated and often have to be purchased. While we appreciate when donors purchase these on their own and donate them keep in mind we buy in bulk so often times we receive much better pricing. For example a backpack an individual might buy will cost $25+ while we purchase them in bulk for half of that. Please consider donating financially towards our Crowdfunding campaigns.  

Hygiene - Hygiene items are incredibly important and something that are rarely handed out either by individuals, or organizations. We handout Razors, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Soap, Shampoo, and women's tampons or pads. Because bacteria can be transferred easily it's important that these items be new and unopened. Razors and deodorant are the least donated and the most needed. If you're looking to purchase these items contact us and we can suggest sites where you can buy in bulk at a greatly discounted site.


No, all donations are handed out for free and we offer anyone donating the opportunity to join us at one of our handouts so that you can see your donations direct impact and the person it's going to.





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