For the last 4 years the Humanity store (Denver's Free Clothing Store for Those in Need) has been serving thousands of unhoused, recently housed and those in need have consistent access to clothing, hygiene, and PPE for absolutely no cost to our customers. The store gives so many the opportunity to not only access clothing and hygiene consistently, and with no hoops to jump through but also access other services such as counseling, food, and many many more.


While we're grateful to our donors both financial and in kind this last Saturday April 24th, we were hit hard by someone who decided to break into the store. While there was nothing worth stealing and because everything is given away for free there's no money on site, once the thief realized this they decided rather than just leaving, to destroy and damage as much as they could. Sadly by the time police arrived the person had already left the scene.

We've posted his picture on here in the hopes that if someone does recognize him they can reach out to Denver PD case #21-229970.

The thief did thousands of dollars in damage, from broken windows, to destroyed equipment and our volunteer lockers, our security system. He even went as far to knock out a wall on our storage shed and stoled the only thing of value our tool box and tools. This caused staff and volunteers to spend hours in a clean up effort. Sadly the damage also financially takes money that would be spent purchasing sleeping bags, backpacks, men's and women's underwear, deodorant and many other items that don't get donated that we have to purchase on a regular basis. 


A number of our supporters an volunteers have reached out wanting to get involved and help us recover from the damage so we've created this fundraiser and are sooo grateful for all of you!​​

Thank you for your amazing heart and willingness to help so that w can continue to serve the community!


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Mika with her son Remi