Just like a car, how well a business is maintained will determine how well and how long the business runs. With a car it's easy you know to get oil changes and your brakes done, and most other maintenance issues when they show up are fairly quick and affordable to repair. Unfortunately businesses aren't so easy and often times if you don't pay attention to red flags when they start to appear they can either bring everything to a stand still or become very expensive.

At Impact we are just at such a point where there are some issues that must be addressed otherwise things will either come to a grinding halt or our growth and ability to serve others will become stagnant. I know these things aren't glamorous or as feel good as the fundraisers we do for individual families but understand these things make it possible for us to serve others and for Impact to function and without them we aren't able to continue to serve others. Now obviously there is a possibility that some of these items can be donated rather than purchased so if you're able to donate them or know someone who is please reach out to us.  


This is one of the most urgent and pressing matters. With winter coming we desperately need a place for donors to drop of donations outside of hours and for donations and equipment to be stored and protected from weather that can literally destroy thousands of dollars of donations. While fairly affordable this will be game changing for us.



With winter already being colder than average this is something we need immediately. We typically have a line of between 30 to 50 people outside of the store. In order for them to not freeze we have to be able to have heat because we can't get people in and out of the store fast enough for the outside temps to not be a huge issue! With 2 heaters, shipping and tax



This is something we've needed for years, and every month we rent. Unfortunately without a trailer we either require multiple trucks to haul donations which is rarely possible or we have to make multiple trips which becomes time consuming and expensive because of gas use. We've priced out to build a trailer costs almost half the price of buying one new and we have a company willing to wrap it at the cost of materials. This is something that is vital to the growth of our Humanity store and Sack Lunch program.


While there are a number of other items, equipment and supplies, we think by now you get the idea that these are all very real, very vital, and necessary in order to continue to serve those in need. We're one of the only nonprofits that literally puts 100% of financial donations towards our programs, and we operate on a small budget. We don't charge for the clothes or hygiene items we give out, and no one on staff including the CEO takes a salary, we are all volunteers. In order to continue this way and serve the thousands of men women and children that we do every month in the Metro area we need your help. So please if you're able to donate, it not only means the world to us, but is life changing to thousands in need!