It is estimated that in the United States there are over 3,000,000 homeless children living on the streets or in shelters. Children who lack a stable home are vulnerable to a number of adverse outcomes. Some threats, such as poverty and hunger, may precede episodes of homelessness; others stem directly from living without a home. Homeless children are more likely than other children to have moderate to severe acute and chronic health problems, and less access to medical and dental care. Symptoms of asthma, hyperactivity / inattention, and behavior problem are more prevalent among this group. Children without stable homes are more than twice as likely as others to repeat a school grade, be expelled or suspended, or drop out of high school. A quarter or more of homeless children have witnessed violence, and more than half have problems with anxiety and depression. Family homelessness may result in children’s separation from their parents—either because children are formally placed in foster care, or because parents leave children in the care of relatives and friends.

It's easy to see how children living and growing up in these conditions will not only suffer from physical and mental health issues but can also lose hope and think that there is a chance for something beyond the life they see.  H.I.K.E. is a children's program designed to get kids living in shelters, motels and the streets out and exploring the gorgeous hiking trails, hitting the slopes, museums, and other educational, inspirational and fun activities. It's simple in design but awesome in it's impact. 


By becoming an Impact monthly member you're making a commitment to give back monthly to our community and helping to sponsor our programs that continually serve those in need and improve the metro area.


The H.I.K.E. events are designed for beginner to moderate hikers so if you're not an experienced hiker don't get discouraged. We keep the volunteer to child ratio balanced so that no one is overwhelmed and everyone has a chance to work with and connect to their assigned kids. 

If you're interested in volunteering, because children are involved this program does require that you register in advance. For the protection of the children the registration process is a more in depth process than our other events and does require a background check. Thank you in advance for helping us to make an impact!

Lastly while we'll provide lunch, snacks and water  we want the kids to be able to take away something beyond just the day we spend with them so all kids receive new shoes, new backpacks, winter jackets and H.I.K.E. shirts. Most of these kids have shoes that are falling apart, attend schools with a need for good backpacks and during winter lack winter jackets. 


We do this through sponsors who help fund our efforts so please if you're able to considering sponsoring a child. It goes a long way and what the kids receive makes a huge impact!

Due to then nature of outdoor and volunteer events we realize that things like weather and a lack of volunteers sign ups may cause us to reschedule an event. If this happens anyone already previously registered will be rolled over to a future event of their choice. We thank you for your understanding in the unlikely event that this ever happens.