Just imagine a chill crawls up your body until it claims it. Naturally, your muscles begin to shiver in an attempt to keep warm. Your blood slowly retreats from your extremities toward your vital organs. As the minutes pass, your breathing slows down and your speech begins to slur. You watch your breath exit your mouth and have nothing to occupy your mind except the frigid cold. Sounds horrible right? I've personally had to experience this and thousands of homeless men, women, and children will be experiencing it daily this winter. For many this time of year is about the holidays, family, and celebration for the homeless however it is about survival. With many shelters in Denver closing their doors this year it's more dangerous than ever.



1. Frostbite is winter’s hazard. Most common is frostbite of hands or feet, which often lead to amputations.

2. Is the danger of illness associated with cold weather. Freezing temperatures lower immunity, increasing the risk of infection and more.

3. Prolonged exposure causes hypothermia and can result in death. Every year people die of exposure those most prone are the homeless.


Each year Impact has our annual Keep Colorado Warm campaign to help those in need survive the winter here in Colorado. Throughout the year we collect clothing donations and hand them out at our Humanity store but there are always items that either don't get donated or donated enough so we end up purchasing them. With temps dropping we need your help now before it's to late!!


1,000 pair of gloves 

1,000 beanies

2,000 Winter Jackets 

2,000 packs of hand and toe warmers

300 Zero degree sleeping bags

300 Emergency Sleeping bags 


These items don't have to be new, just in good condition. You can drop off items 5 days a week (Tues through Sat) @2526 Welton St Denver, CO 80205 between 12pm and 4pm.


If you don't have any of these items consider making a either a direct financial donation to our Keep Colorado Warm campaign or purchasing items off our wishlist. We buy in bulk so a $50 donation allows us to give some a new jacket, sleeping bag, blanket, backpack, a pair of socks, gloves, beanie and a pack of handwarmers.


Please, let's make sure everyone survives the new year and this winter!


Thank you in advance for having an incredible heart, and helping to #MakeanImpact

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