On average most nonprofits spend 50% of their time and efforts on fundraising. Most nonprofits rely either on the government, which is slow, or on large donors, which while appreciated are rare. Just imagine instead of spending a huge amount of their time on raising money they were able to focus 100% on their efforts and improving the community. Imagine if anyone could get involved and make an impact. If we joined together and everyone just pitched in what they could afford and big or small rich or poor we could change the world.

At Impact this is exactly what we do! Started by five guys pitching in what extra money they could each month we have grown by leaps and bounds but true to our roots we are a membership funded nonprofit. We believe everyone should be able to feel like they're making a difference no matter what their bank statement looks like.

We also take this a step further by putting 100% of your financial donations towards the program of your choosing. Join us today by giving back, become a member and together let's MAKE AN IMPACT!!! 


By becoming a member you're not just helping to support your favorite program. You're also helping thousands of individuals and families a month and giving our staff the opportunity to do what we do best which is focus our time and energy to those in need in the community! 

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With your membership we're able to gain purchasing power to get items at a lower cost and help more people. We've always prided ourselves to serve people in a humane and uplifting way, putting quality of service over the quantity of the people we serve, but even with this motto we've still grown to serve over a quarter of a million people every year.


We understand that in order to truly make an impact we need to focus on long term solutions that will help reduce and eventually end homelessness. With that said we've set the goal to open a new community resource center for our Curbside Counselling program in the Five Points area that will not only help people to find jobs, help with housing, work with those battling addiction but also be a meeting space for nonprofits to come together, offer services and teach classes. In order to open though we need to have 500 new members join the fight. So please join today and together let's change the world! 


At Impact we understand that there unfortunately are a number of nonprofits that over the years have ruined public trust. This often causes people to prefer to donate in kind donations or just volunteer their time. People also often mistakenly think that just because we're a nonprofit that everything is donated to us and we therefore don't have expenses.


Sadly this isn't true, there are many things that we have to purchase for the people we serve and there are expenses that are just out of our control. What is in our control though is what we do with your donation and for that we have spent years earning public trust and showing that everything we receive goes back into our programs.

We hope that with your membership comes a bit of pride that you're truly helping the program of your choice, those in need and giving back to the community by partnering with an organization who's totally about changing lives, and changing the world!

The benefits of membership;


  • BRONZE - Receives a Impact wrist band

  • SILVER- Receives a #MakingAnImpact vinyl sticker

  • GOLD - Receives Impact Logo t-shirt

  • PLATINUM - Receives Impact Custom Apparel t-shirt

  • DIAMOND - Receives all benefits and name listed on site as a major supporter

Keep in mind that when you become a member for every $10 you donate here are just a few things we're able to do with your donation.


  • Feed 10 people

  • Give 1 person a pair of gloves, socks, and a pack of handwarmers to help them fight off frostbite

  • Purchase a pair of shoes for a child in our H.I.K.E. program

  • Give out a much needed hygiene pack containing soap, shampoo, deodorant, a razor, toothpaste, a toothbrush and women's feminine hygiene products

  • Purchase 1 sleeping bag to help someone survive the cold.

  • Give someone in need a 10 day bus pass to get to work

  • Help 5 people do laundry


In other words we're able to do a lot for a very little amount. We hope you'll consider becoming a member today.