Additional to our monthly news letter we want to give you a chance to see what's going on with Impact Locally in the the news. As this page grows we hope to add new videos and blogs to help educate you on the realities of homelessness, possible solutions and other great nonprofits who are helping those in need and striving to end the problem. Let us know if you have something you want to see or hear of an individual or organization doing something great as we'd love to share it with our followers and volunteers. As always thanks for everything you do and for your support we couldn't do it without you! 

     Volunteers Make Sack Lunches for the Homeless

DENVER — Every month volunteers from all walks of life join together downtown at the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom to make sack lunches for those in need.  Sunday, hundreds filled bags to fill tummies; slicing; stuffing and filling in an assembly line with messages of hope, written on the paper bags by children.

     Impact Toy Drive Packs a Wallop

On Sunday, December 17, Denver nonprofit Impact Locally organized its seventh annual toy drive at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom and wrapped thousands of gifts that were passed out by Santa with the help of dozens of elves on Friday, December 22, to over 1,600 Colorado kids in need. 

     Car dealer, non-profit give car to struggling single mother

A Denver based non-profit group Impact Locally, which helps homeless individuals and families, has teamed with a car dealer, to give a struggling mother and her young daughter who had recently escaped homelessness, a special Christmas. Impact not only helped the mother with furniture for her new apartment, gifts for her....

     Man with a Mission 

Homelessness is not a choice. If you live in any Metropolitan area like Denver, New York or Los Angeles chances are you see homeless people on the street corner, by the light rail or in a doorway holding a sign and asking for spare change. They seem like anonymous faces but the reality is that any set of circumstances can bring on homelessness and them maybe that anonymous person could end up being you.

     Group works to help homeless through cold months

In below freezing weather Impact Locally a local Denver based nonprofit and dozens of volunteers go out to help feed thousands of men, women, and children in need. Founder Travis Smith says...

Handing out clothing to help those in need survive the cold

Impact Locally heads out to three different locations around Denver to help those in need with clothing to help those need survive the cold. Volunteers go out to in below freezing temperatures to help make a difference. Please watch the bottom video and the story about Impact is at about the 2:55 mark.