Since 2010 we've met some lot of smiling faces, shed tears of friends. We wanted to show

mothers, daughters, brothers,

                 characters, seen a

shared hugs and made a lot that like you and I these are  sons, and fathers. They love

music, animals, and they have kids. They're passionate, have dreams, and fears. Most are like you and I, just trying to make it in the world and do their best to survive and provide for those they love. We hope these pics will help to break down stereotypes and for all of us to just see human beings the next time we see someone in need. 

No matter your background or believes we can all agree there are times when everyone needs help. There are times when our problems are greater than we 

can handle on our own. It's during these times when we hope that we have friends, families or organizations that can help see us through. And, when we recover we hope to treat people the way we would     us if we were in the same situation. It's called empathy. The harsh only a few weeks or a month away from homelessness, so please join

broken and helping those in need.

expect someone to treat   reality is most Americas are 

restoring humanity to the 

Over the years our staff and volunteers have captured some incredible moments and showing off some pretty amazing peole. We obviously couldn't do this without you so thank you for taking such incredible picture over the year. Hope we'll see you at an event soon and hopefully add your moment to ours. 

Above you'll see just a few of the incredible people who have gone through our counselling program or touched our lives and we've been able to helped out. 

Impact locally goes out of our way to help those in need.