In 2010 the founder of Impact started getting together once a month with 4 friends. They would meet at his house, pitch in whatever they could and then go and hand out lunches downtown. That simple start has since grown to an organization that delivers tens of thousands of sack lunches in multiple cities across the United States.

It doesn't take a lot of time, about two hours, but we can tell you the simple act of kindness towards another human being definitely changes your perspective. It really is just about having a small impact on someone's life, and trust me they appreciate it! Sack lunches has been consistently rated one of Denver's TOP 10 monthly events to attend. So grab your family and invite your friends to join us in giving back and helping those who in need. Check out the FAQ below and be sure to Like us on Facebook to get updates on all our up coming events!

What do I need to bring?

Don't worry about bringing anything other than yourself and an awesome willingness to help those in need. We will already have the food on site and ready to go. To help cover food costs and to sustain what we do for the community, our kids programs, and this effort donations are necessary from all volunteers. When you arrive after checking in you'll be assigned to a work station and have one of our team leaders there to guide you.

Can my kids volunteer and is there an age restriction?

As an organization we've always felt it was important to teach stewardship early on.  We want to invite and encourage parents to bring their children. It has been great to see more parents getting involved with our sack lunch events over the years and teaching their children about being a civil servant. So we came up with the idea of having a special area for kids 12 and under to decorate and draw on the sacks that we hand out.  Kids use markers, crayons, stickers and many other arts and crafts to decorate the bags. Not only has it been a huge hit with parents but the feedback from the homeless community has been nothing short of spectacular!  So please, if you're a parent feel free to bring your kids with you and together lets make an impact!

How do we register our Team / Troop / Club / Company?

For groups larger than 8 people please contact Travis Smith via email to register your group. We will make sure that your group is assigned to the same work stations when we're assembling lunches and the same team when we hand the lunches out this way the event can also be a team building exercise. We ask that your group arrive by 12pm and if your group is a school, team, or troop we will have a staff member available to speak with your group to help add education to the event. If there are children in your group such as a Girl Scout Troop that are going to be unaccompanied by their parent or legal guardian a waiver will need to be signed by the parent and either brought with or emailed to Travis. 

I can't make it, but still want to help out?

We understand you have a busy life and sometimes things get in the way of even people with the best intentions. If you'd still like to help out the best way to do that is go to our donate page, click on the heart, and make a contribution. It doesn't take much,  $10, $20 bucks whatever you can afford. You'd be surprised how many people we can feed with a small amount. Hopefully we'll see you at next months event!

Where does the food get dropped off?

In Denver we have multiple locations that we deliver the lunches to (St. Francis Center, Denver Rescue Mission, 16th St Mall and Civic Center Park). When you first check in volunteers will be assigned to teams and given instructions on where to go and what to do. Don't worry about getting lost we'll provide you with a map when you show up as well as have staff on hand at each drop off location to help.

What if after registering I am unable to attend an event or the event is cancelled?

Due to then nature of volunteer events we realize that things like weather or a lack of volunteers sign ups may cause us to reschedule or cancel an event. If this happens it will always be publicly announced and we will email all volunteers that have registered  up to that point. Anyone already previously registered will be rolled over to the next event of that type. If you are unable to attend that event you would forfeit your registration fee. In the event that someone is unable to attend an event due to a personal matter there would be no roll over and their registration fee would be forfeit.  Due to the number of volunteers that work with our organization nationwide it would be impossible to track every individual who might not be able to attend for personal reasons. We thank you for your understanding in the unlikely event that this ever happens.