It's been shown numerous times that something as simple as someone getting a haircut and a shave can not only go a long way to helping to restore their sense of humanity but help with how they're perceived, and treated strangers but also increase their confidence and help them obtain employment. This is the reason Shear Impact was created. Once a month barbers and stylists meet to cut hair and help serve hundreds of men and women in need. 

It's quite simple the days is divided into three shifts with four barbers and four stylists per shift. Shifts run three hours so you don't have to give up your whole day to volunteer. Because the number of volunteer spots are limited and so that have time to get instructions to everyone please register in advance. We will try and accommodate which shift you prefer to work please understand that as shifts fill up we may have to assign you to another shift.

How does it work?
What are the shifts?

Shift 1 (9:30am to 12:30pm) / Shift 2 (12:30pm to 3:30pm). Please make sure that you show up on time and ready to go as we'll have limited time to set up and give instructions to everyone. 

Do I have to be licensed?

To cut hair yes, but to help in other ways no.

I'm not a barber or stylist can I volunteer?

We have volunteers on hand helping with the crowd, handing out hygiene packs, inspecting, and helping to wash hair. So if you're not a licensed barber or cosmetologist and and you want to volunteer for this event we still have plenty of ways someone can help out.