Urban Renaissance is a full-service real estate company who handles it all, from building acquisition to ground-up development and major renovations to property management and engineering. 

Their mission is to create places that inspire and connect. Places that are beautiful, places where it’s easy to work and places that foster connection. They’re not just developers, but stewards of the community who feel it's their duty to add something great to the communities and they have a long history of community involvement and giving

A community is only strong when everyone is given opportunities. That’s why they've chosen to sponsor a donation drive and giving days and encourage their people to support neighbors in need through the cold this winter by partnering with Impact Locally and specifically our Humanity stores which are free clothing, hygiene and PPE stores. Set up like  a regular retail thrift store with the only difference being there's no cost to anything. 

By partnering with local and national businesses Impact is able to help those most in need, whether it be those going unhoused, the recently housed, the disabled or simply those unable to afford clothing, hygiene, PPE or a meal. Throughout the last year and a half these services have proven to be vital as so many other organizations shut down or suspend service and this time of year it's literally life saving. 

Having access to cold weather gear, clothing for interviews or just the ability to get proper hygiene or a meal can be life changing. At Impact we're honored to be partnering with Urban Renaissance Group. To learn more about the Humanity program feel free to click the button below


Your support is more appreciated than you can imagine and you can't imagine what this means to the people we serve! Thank you for your amazing heart and willingness to help so that we can continue to serve the community!